Spicy parsnip soup

Leek Croustade

Spring greens with chilli, ginger and coriander seeds

Celeriac, butter bean and leek burgers

Leek, potato and spinach bake

Borlotti Bean Pilaf

Leek and tahini crumble

Buckwheat pancakes with leek, parsnip and Swiss cheese

Squash and kale tart with sesame pastry

Homity Pie

Chickpea, potato and spinach curry

Potato, wet garlic and sunflower seed bake

Vegan niçoise

Spinach, potato and chickpea bites

Fresh carrot and lentil soup with coconut and lime

Warming winter vegetable crumble

Caraway and maple roasted root veg

Easy Carrot Cake

Parsnip, carrot and chestnut stew

Steamed vegetables with a honey and mustard dressing

Simple carrot salad

Carrot and chickpea pancakes

Spicy carrot and red lentil soup

Zesty carrot and courgettes

Roasted root veg and quinoa pilaf

Pepper, spring green and carrot laksa with noodles and tofu

Mexican Street Salad

Simple veg burgers

Butterbean and vegetable cassoulet

Roasted roots frittata

Vegetable Tagine

Winter vegetable pie

Carrot and courgette salad with maple and lime

Stir fried sprouting broccoli, carrots and almonds

Sweet and sour vegetables with tofu

Vegetable and hazelnut roll

Carrot, courgette and peanut salad


Honey and tamari roast veg

Carrot and hazelnut salad

Beetroot and chocolate cake

Beetroot Blinis

Braised beetroot

Beetroot and feta scones

Warm broad bean, spinach and beetroot salad

Seeded Beetroot Cake

Spiced carrots and beetroot

Green salad with grated carrot, beetroot and toasted pumpkin seeds

Beetroot tzatsiki

Beetroot, chocolate and coconut loaf

Chioggia beetroot pancakes

Spicy beetroot and sweet potato

Beetroot, cabbage and pear salad


Beetroot, coconut and lime soup

Rice and vegetable bake

Quinoa with roast cauliflower, leeks and a walnut crumb

Tofu and cashew nut bites with coconut and coriander vegetables

Vegetable stew with herb dumplings

Spiced Cauliflower Soup

Roast cauliflower and hazelnut salad

Maple roast squash and green curry with lime yoghurt

Spring greens and almond soup

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